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CROSS POSTED LIKE A BITCH (sry if youre in more than one dnb comm)

ZenOne brings you Adrenaline!! Quality drum and bass every tuesday night located @ Bleu this week 9/13 we have a Legendary Guest:

..:: K E A T O N ::..

There are not many artists in drum and bass that have created a single track that defines an era, but Keaton—alongside collaborators Carl and Chris of The Usual Suspects—did just that with “Killa Bees,” the epochal single released on Renegade Hardware in 1999. Epitomizing the dark, intensely nervy sound of the late 90s, the single was in near-constant rotation in every corner of the drum and bass scene. Named Best Newcomers by Knowledge Magazine and thrust into the limelight virtually overnight, Keaton found himself in the enviable position of having entered the game on the top floor.
By the close of 2003, Keaton scaled back his work with The Usual Suspects and ended his involvement with Universal Project, intent on cultivating his own abilities in the studio as a solo producer. Amongst a raft of scheduled releases on labels such as Violence, Metalheadz, Quarantine, Freak, and the mighty Renegade Hardware, Keaton will be introducing his own label in 2004 with the intention of cementing his position as a solo producer on the top shelf of drum and bass. Few producers in drum and bass can claim as bright a present as Keaton; his future is set to be utterly incendiary!

Along with the infamous:

..:: D I R T Y D E E D S ::..

Dirty Deeds is the collaboarative drum and bass inferno fueled by cutting edge producer Frank Fitus and Los Angeles DJ/producer SDF1. The 'Deeds meld storming beats, torso rumbling bass, expertly chosen samples and keyboard lines to create a unique drum and bass sound that's all their own.The newest addition to the group is the artist Blitz, who is the Primary MC for Dirty Deeds, as well as an upcoming DJ/Producer with much talent.. Between their impeccable tunesmithing and tighter than tight mixing skills, this highly talented and forward thinking team will surely be providing the pace for dancefloors across the globe. After a successful performance at WMC-Miami this year and mass exposure both in L.A. and other states, Dirty Deeds have carefuly planned their path to ensure a successful run as a d&b supergroup. Mission accomplished.. With a highly successful release on Technorganic records Florida and another on the way, several other labels are lined up to release Dirty Deeds records before the year is done.. These boys now hit the masses with their latest full length CD "Dirty Work" which showcases both their original tunes as well as an eclectic mix of quality Drum & Bass music. WATCH OUT! Dirty Deeds is on the rise!

Also spinning:

..:: F R A Y E D K N O T ::..

After years of scratching, mixing and juggling on belt-driven tables, then attaining Technics1200s, he started entering DJ battles. As his record collection grew so did his love for DnB. Torn between the hip hop nature of turntablism and the thrill of dropping bass lines, there was only one thing to do. He is now incorporating the two into what he calls Jungleturntablism.
Now frequenting stages across southern Cali, his highly developed table skills are progressively gaining him a following. Currently a skratch instructor at the Groovriders DJ School he continues to sharpen his skills while teaching the art to DJ’s from beginners to veterans. At this time Marcus is a junior at Cal State Northridge studying Electrical Engineering. Here is where he plans to make many contributions to the advancement of music technology.

And we also have:

..:: B I G R I G b2b J A C K K N I F E ::..
(Zen One)

(ZenOne-Dirty Deeds)


Mainframe b2b .Com

9/27:Dj LEE
Basic Operations

2nd room:HipHopReggae

Yellow Mustard Gas


Mike Gee

18+ bar for the 21+w/id
10$$ 9-2pm every tuesday
drink specials 9-1030pm
14160 beach blvd
westminster ca 92683
info line 949 699 7890
any questions or comments email:

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