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DJs & Electronic Musicians Association proudly presents:
Saturday, October 29th, 2005

Rigor Mortis
[Latin : rigor, stiffness + mortis, genitive of mors, death.]

@ Indiana University's Allumni Hall in Bloomington, Indiana

Things have been stiff around Indiana for the past few years, especially here at Indiana University, but the members fo DJEMA want to prove to everyone that all we need is a good scare to get us dancing again, so we are very proud to provide IU with some of the darkest electronic music possible in order to accomplish that goal. Throw on a costume, grab a can of food from the cubbord, and come on out of the crypt prepared to get loose!

Entertainment for the Night:

Delta 9 + Submerge 101 - Psychotic Records, Sublunaryam, Newtype and Distorted Muzik :: Chicago, IL (Hardcore Techno)
One of the hardest in the hardcore techno/industrial field, Delta 9 is the alias of Chicago's Dave Rodgers, a man influenced by thrash and industrial as well as dance styles like electro and gabba. Debuting with a series of singles for Drop Bass and Industrial Strength during 1995-96, Rodgers appeared on the Industrial Fucking Strength compilation and gained a contract with the increasingly techno-leaning grindcore label Earache. His first album, Disco Inferno, was followed later in 1997 by Alpha Decay. One year later, he appeared on Vinyl Communications with VC Mix CD, Vol. 1. Revolution 909 was released in mid-2000

Orlando Solis aka Submerge 101 started his dj career in 1989, exploding onto the techno scene in 1993. His passion for music came at an early age when his father purchased a drum set for him. His diverse style has taken him around the world to places such has Thailand, Mexico, Canada, New York, Miami, St. Louis, Minnesota, Detroit, California, Ohio and many other destinations. Artists like Kraftwerk, Front 242, Die warsau, New Order, Thrill Kill Kult etc, influenced his style. Despite changes in trends, his hard work and dedication have made him one of the most demanded techno dj’s in the US. He is one of few to pull off playing techno music in Chicago. His talent has landed him tours with artists such as Headroom and long time friend Delta 9. Currently Orlando is on the Global Radar with legendary dj/producer T1000 of puresonikrecords.net. His new track with High Caliber entitled “Beat my Puppet” is now hitting airwaves and is on Laidback Luke’s latest Mix due come out later this year.

Jayvon & MC XYZ - Temple of Boom, URB, 45psi and Outlook Skateboards :: Los Angeles, CA (Drum-n-Bass)
WARNING: The frequency with which this DJ dances and smiles is contagious! Jayvon’s charisma and energy cannot be stopped when he gets behind the tables. He is a well-rounded DJ from Santa Barbara, who has recently moved to Los Angeles, and is best known for spinning Drum and Bass, Hip Hop, R&B, Old School, and a little 2-step here and there. Nowadays, there is a buzz surrounding this young, upstart DJ. Everyone is asking, 'Yo have you heard of this kid Jayvon? I picked up one of his CD’s off a friend of mine who got it at an event, and his mix is sick! I need more!' Within the last six months Jayvon has risen from virtual obscurity to being on the tip of everyone's tongue. How did this happen in such a short amount of time? Jayvon attests his sudden rise in popularity and bookings to representing a funky but edgy and aggressive dance-floor sound, a knack for knowing a potentially dangerous track upon first hearing the tune (be it popular or not), and most importantly his relentless self promotion by handing out hundreds of promotional mixes at many events, clubs, and raves throughout Southern California and through the internet. Using his business and marketing savvy in combination with his charisma and talent, Jayvon is on the verge of breaking out in a big way.

At the moment, Jayvon is focusing heavily on his foray into drum and bass, a music that is very new and exciting to him. He describes the reason for his new interest in the genre, 'Drum and Bass for me is the culmination of everything that I love about music. It pushes the envelope of what you can do with sound, yet it is extremely diverse in its style. It can be sexy or have a hip hop attitude at one moment, or move to the intensity of heavy metal or the free-natured feeling of ska the next. It is futuristic in its sound, but it evokes the most primal of emotions within us! Mixing this music is like having a full palette of color to work with on a huge canvas, there is never a dull moment! Oh yeah did I mention that I love the Bass?!'

Jayvon is not limited to playing Drum and Bass. As a general music enthusiast, he enjoys RnB, Hip Hop, Turntablism, UK Garage, House and yes, even Trance ;-). For five years he has spun Hip Hop and RnB as a club DJ and has even won many DJ competitions. In 1999, after only one year of DJ-ing experience, he beat Ludacris' DJ in Jermain Dupri's So So Def's DJ Competition, securing first place in the process. Jayvon has also made a fan out of DJ QBert, arguably the world's finest Turnatblist, who bumps Jayvon's mixes on the regular. Speaking of QBert, Jayvon has also appeared in one of QBert's Instructional DVD's, (“Do It Yourself DVD 2”, which is available at DJ stores across the world!) where he exhibits his smooth and fluid scratching style. Wow, Drum and Bass, Turntablism, Top 40 songs, what else can this man do? Be on the lookout for this rising star in an area near you! If you get a chance to catch Jayvon in action, be prepared for addiction; even people who don’t appreciate Drum & Bass are ALWAYS impressed with Jayvon’s stellar sets

Checkout http://www.musicv2.com/artist/jayvon to hear his mixes.

MC XYZ has been into drum n bass from the early part of 1998 and has seen his stock soar as an MC since 2001. His talents have taken him across the country to perform with some of the top flight drum n bass DJs in the world. His skills are almost limitless as he is booked to play every type of show from large massive raves to intimate venues, from ragga shows to liquid funk events, from 2-Step events to even hosting one of Hawaii's largest hip hop events in 2004. He currently is the resident MC at San Diego's largest bi-monthly events, The Rapture, a resident at Arizona's largest monthly event, Warning, and the drum n bass MC representative of Outlook Skateboards Corporation http://www.outlookskates.com located in Virgina. Working "in stride" with the DJ he performs with, many people usually comment on how the chemistry between MC XYZ and the DJ is nothing short of excellent. Make sure to check the new self-titled CD mix from Jayvon & XYZ... download here: Jayvon & XYZ Self-titled

DJ Shiva - SUBterror, Internal Error, BerettaMusic, Giant and Dwarf :: Indianapolis (Techno)
From her beginnings in classical music, to her political awakening playing in punk bands, to her first belt drive turntables, Indianapolis techno mainstay DJ Shiva has always thrown herself wholeheartedly into the music that drives her. Since her start on the decks in 1995, she has continued to hone her craft for the last decade. Applying years of musical study to the turntables, Shiva has rocked crowds the nation over with her meticulous attention to detail, programming and composition, coupled with smooth mixes, effects, double copy tricks, and quick crossfader play. With tastes spanning the range of electro and minimal funk to grinding machine music, her versatility keeps things fresh, while her skills shut down any notions of “she’s good…for a girl”.

In 1999, she joined Adam Jay and Matt Bandy in starting SUBterror, a diverse collective of DJs and artists with a focus on quality music and social/political consciousness. Their focus of raising social and political issues through music, art, and events continues to evolve through various musical, poetic and online avenues.

During a short stint in Philadelphia in 2002, Shiva helped the PhillyTechno crew to push techno back into the forefront of Philly’s exciting music scene. From the Strobe events in the summer/fall of 2002, to her continued alliance with Internal Error Records, the Philly/Indy connection has stayed strong.

Sharing the decks throughout the years with techno’s finest (including Marco Carola, Juan Atkins, T-1000, Mike Dearborn, Oliver Ho, Richie Hawtin, Woody McBride, Adam X, Alexi Delano, and Tim Xavier, to name a few), as well as her steadfast dedication to techno has garnered her respect throughout the US techno community. Her skills continue to speak for themselves as she has stepped into producing her own tunes.

Focusing on production for the last year and half, she has already proved her mettle there as well. With net releases on Heavy Industries and Beretta Music, and her first vinyl release on Internal Error in record stores worldwide (recently charted by Ben Long of the Space DJz), rest assured you will soon hear her signature aggressive style on soundsystems everywhere.

Stay tuned for remixes of Greg Gow, Woody McBride, Adam Jay, Locutus and Steve Stoll on US labels in 2005/2006, plus keep an ear out for her first European release remixing Manuel Fuentes on Germany’s Giant and Dwarf in fall 2005.

The last ten years have been only the beginning for Shiva, and the future just keeps looking brighter. You think you know…but you have no idea.

Brandon Kaye - DJEMA, Fairparks, UniForm, 4:M, Guesthouse, Cymballic and Ow :: Indianapolis (House)
EA-Brandon Kaye started off as your everyday partykid in the youth of the US's rave scene (circa 1992). By the end of that year, he had joined forces with another fellow partier to erect PiMP SCRiMP promotions, and throwing some of the first big events in Indianapolis and Muncie (incld. PiMP 4 A DAY pts 1 & 2).

In 1995, Brandon broke from PiMP SCRiMP to form the House of Babylon BROductions. Along with other side projects (Disko Disciples, Mystery Mixxx, Daddy's House, Papabear Productions, and mentor to Organized Chaos & Sista Jade) he brought high-quality talent at low-cost, often times at the cost of his own pocketbook.

It was also in 1995 where he firsst started Djing as Chocolate: TheFreakyAfronaut and dug a name for himself as one of the only Djs in the midwest combining break, house, and techno in one fluid set.

By the end of 2001, after the demise of the midwest rave scene, Brandon dropped the "Chocolate" from his moniker and begand producing. 2003 saw his first three releases, the immensely successful debut Can U Hear Me? and the Bibs and Baby Booties EP (both on Fairparks Records out of Dallas, Texas) and the Sexy MF Prince bootleg white label. 2004 saw another release on Fairparks although his steady flow of releases dropped.

Continuing with his education in the field of New Media, including video production, game design, and multimedia interactivity, Brandon has continued to Dj and produce, opting to give away many of his releases rather than play the business business game, something that he sees as the downfall of music as an artform.

Despite this attitude against the music business, Brandon continued evolving, and soon he dropped "The Freaky Afronaut" from his Dj moniker, chosing to go by EA-Brandon Kaye.

"EA" stands for "electronic artist" and helps focus the attention not on simply rave clubs and rave festivals, but all forms of electronic artistry and entertainment, including his desire to also incorporate video mixing and lighting control into his Djing set.

Brandon Kaye has three releases scheduled thus far in 2005, including tracks on Guesthouse Records, Alexander East's Planet East, and Jake Child's Uni.From Records. 2005 will also start his own labels: Cymballic and Ow!. You can expect mad funkiness from electronic artist Brandon Kaye from the 2005 and ever-after!

Prophuzion (the Prophet + Infuze) - DJEMA and SuperStar AMP :: Washington, DC / Bloomington (Drum-n-Bass)
Having met in Bloomington while attending Indiana University, Infuze and the Prophet combined forces like Voltron while they were both living in DC to produce the now infamous Prophuzion mix. Based upon the strength of that mix, they have been sought after for in the Midwest and the East Coast with Europe showing interest in their upcoming winter European tour featuring a stop at Dylan and Robyn Chaos's Therapy Sessions in London, one of the hottest drum-n-bass weeklies in the world.

Fetha + Sea Monkey - DJEMA, Induce and SuperStar AMP :: Bloomington / Indianapolis (Drum-n-Bass)
Both of these cats have been dropping science all over Indiana for the past few years. This will be their first ever public tag performance, but there is no doubt in the mind of every head that these two can create some dancefloor maddness together. Be prepared for some of the jazziest drum-n-bass that has ever been experienced on the Indiana University Bloomington campus!

Arum - DJEMA and Committee DJs :: South Bend (Progressive House and Dirty Electro)
Having sharpened his skills mixing in the South Bend rave scene, Arum has played several large events around the Midwest. As of late, Arum's mixes have morphed into a combination of dark tribal progressive house and dirty electro.

Ashley Ross - DJEMA and Cheers4Ears :: Indianapolis (Funky House)
A classic B-town house party DJ, Ashley will be bringing the funk like Bootsey Colins used to drop. Be prepared for some pimpology to be dropped.

Tru Wu - DJEMA and Groovetech Productions :: Bloomington (Electroclash)
It is time to watch the pussies pop as the Tru Wu drops some of the sickest electroclash tracks being cooked up. He is known for making toughest crowds get dirty.

DJ Syn - DJEMA and Nomad Studios :: Bloomington (Tribal and Progressive Trance)

DJ Negative - DJEMA and Committee DJs :: South Bend (Progressive House)

Please Bring a Canned Food Donation: This will be a canned food drive for the Hoosier Hills Food Bank, so please be sure to donate whatever canned food items possible.

Admission: FREE!!

All Ages Welcome!!

Costumes: Not required, but highly suggested to increase the Halloween hijinks!

Music starts @ 7PM!

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